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Journal of magnesium
and alloys


Prof. E. J. Lavernia from USA visited CCMg

23 May 2013

On the morning of May 7, 2013, Professor E. J. Lavernia (academician of American Engineering Academy, the dean of the College of Engineering of the California University at Davis) visited National Engineering Research center for Magnesium alloys (CCMg) with the invitation of Prof. Xiaodong Peng. Professor Lavernia is an internationally famous materials scientist and the chief editor of "Materials Science and Engineering A", which is one of the most famous journals in the field of materials.

Firstly, as a member of the doctoral dissertation defense committee, Prof. Fusheng Pan participated in the doctoral defense of Yang Yan. Prof. Fusheng Pan, the director of CCMg, presided the Ph.D defense. After the defense, Prof. Fusheng Pan, Prof.  Xiaodong Peng, Prof. Dingfei Zhang and Prof. Weidong Xie, etc. had a discussion with Prof. E.J. Lavernia. Prof. Fusheng Pan made a brief introduction on the basic organization structure, research and development of Mg alloys, international cooperation and communication of CCMg to the Professor E.J. Lavernia. Prof. E.J. Lavernia expressed great interest in Mg researches and highly appreciated the innovative results achieved by CCMg. Both parties had in-depth exchanges on cooperation.

Later, Professor Lavernia visited the product exhibition room of CCMg, Prof. Fusheng Pan introduced the magnesium alloy products and parts developed by CCMg in detail and pointed out that some applications of these products had brought obvious economic and social effects. Prof. Lavernia believed that the engineering application of magnesium alloy materials had a broad prospect. It was very important to carry out further basic theory and engineering application research. Prof. E. J. Lavernia hoped to cooperate in future. Prof. Lavernia happily accepted the invitation of Prof. Fusheng Pan to serve as an editorial board member of Journal of Magnesium and Alloys, which was launched by CCMg. Prof. E. J. Lavernia also visited the laboratory in CCMg.