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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2013

Available online 10 July 2013

Full Length Article

Mathematicalmodeling of thermo-mechanical behavior of strip during twin roll casting of anAZ31 magnesium alloy

Amir Hadadzadeh, Mary A. Wells

The role of Al2Yin grain refinement in Mg–Al–Y alloy system

H.-W. Chang, D. Qiu, J.A. Taylor, M.A.Easton, M.-X. Zhang

Microstructuresand mechanical properties of friction stir processed Mg–2.0Nd–0.3Zn–1.0Zrmagnesium alloy

F.Y. Zheng, Y.J. Wu, L.M. Peng, X.W. Li,P.H. Fu, W.J. Ding

Densityfunctional study of elastic, mechanical and thermodynamic properties of MgCuwith a CsCl-type structure

S. Boucetta, F. Zegrar

Relationshipbetween extrusion, Y and corrosion behavior of Mg–Y alloy in NaCl aqueoussolution

Kui Zhang, Xin Zhang, Xia Deng, XinggangLi, Minglong Ma

Effect ofhomogenization treatment on microstructure evolution and the distributions ofRE and Zr elements in various Mg–Li–RE–Zr alloys

Lei Bao, Qichi Le, Zhiqiang Zhang,Jianzhong Cui, Qinxue Li

The effect ofEqual Channel Angular Pressing process on the microstructure of AZ31 Mg alloystrip shaped specimens

S.M. Arab, A. Akbarzadeh

Dynamic tensileand compressive properties of vacuum and ordinary die-casting AT72 magnesiumalloy at high strain rates

Zheng Liu, Yang Dong, Ping-li Mao,Jin-cheng Yu

Ideal strengthof Mg2X (X = Si, Ge, Sn and Pb) from first-principles

Tou-Wen Fan, Jiang-Ling Ke, Ling Fu,Bi-Yu Tang, Li-Ming Peng, Wen-Jiang Ding

Effects ofcaliber rolling on microstructure and room temperature tensile properties ofMg–3Al–1Zn alloy

R.L. Doiphode, S.V.S. Narayana Murty, N.Prabhu, B.P. Kashyap

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