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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 1, Issue 3, 2013

Available online 25 July 2013

Full Length Article

Advances in Mgcorrosion and research suggestions

Andrej Atrens, Guang-Ling Song, FuyongCao, Zhiming Shi, Patrick K. Bowen

Electrochemicalinvestigations on the corrosion behaviour of magnesium alloy ZE41 in a combinedmedium of chloride and sulphate

Nandini Dinodi, A. Nityananda Shetty

Influence ofgrain size on the tensile ductility and deformation modes of rolledMg–1.02 wt.% Zn alloy

B.Q. Shi, R.S. Chen, W. Ke

Effects ofrotating gas bubble stirring treatment on the microstructuresof semi-solid AZ91-2Ca alloy

Jia Xu, Guo-hua Wu, Wen-cai Liu, YangZhang, Wen-jiang Ding

Development of amagnesium alloy with good casting characteristics on the basis of Mg–Al–Ca–Mnsystem, having Mg–Al2Ca structure

A.V. Koltygin, V.E. Bazhenov, E.A.Belova, A.A. Nikitina

The corrosionbehaviors of Mg–7Gd–5Y–1Nd–0.5Zr alloy under (NH4)2SO4, NaCl andCa(NO3)2 salts spray condition

Quantong Jiang, Kui Zhang, Xinggang Li,Yongjun Li, Minglong Ma, Guoliang Shi, Jiawei Yuan

Effect of silaneand zirconia on the thermal property of cathodic electrophoretic coating onAZ31 magnesium alloy

Ruanli Zhu, Jin Zhang, Cheng Chang,Shuai Gao, Na Ni

Effect ofgraphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) addition on strength and ductility ofmagnesium-titanium alloys

Muhammad Rashad, Fusheng Pan, AitaoTang, Yun Lu, Muhammad Asif, Shahid Hussain, Jia She, Jun Gou, Jianjun Mao

Effect of rareearth and Mn elements on the corrosion behavior of extruded AZ61 system in3.5 wt% NaCl solution and salt spray test

Shijie Zhu, Zhidan Liu, RuiXiao Qu,LiGuo Wang, Qingkui Li, Shaokang Guan

First-principlescalculations of structural, elastic and electronic properties of AB2 typeintermetallics in Mg–Zn–Ca–Cu alloy

Pingli Mao, Bo Yu, Zheng Liu, Feng Wang,Yang Ju

Preparation ofMg and Ca metal by carbothermic reduction method – A thermodynamicsapproach

Fa-ping Hu, Jia Pan, Xin Ma, Xi Zhang,Jie Chen, Wei-dong Xie

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