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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2014

Available online 13 March 2014

Full Length Article

Design oflightweight magnesium car body structure under crash and vibration constraints

Morteza Kiani, Imtiaz Gandikota, MasoudRais-Rohani, Keiichi Motoyama

Microstructuresand mechanical properties of the age hardened Mg–4.2Y–2.5Nd–1Gd–0.6Zr (WE43)microalloyed with Zn

Y.H. Kang, D. Wu, R.S. Chen, E.H. Han

Strain-hardeningand warm deformation behaviors of extruded Mg–Sn–Yb alloy sheet

Jing Jiang, Guangli Bi, Guoyong Wang,Qing Jiang, Jianshe Lian, Zhonghao Jiang

Understandingeffects of microstructural inhomogeneity on creep response – New approaches toimprove the creep resistance in magnesium alloys

Yuanding Huang, Hajo Dieringa, KarlUlrich Kainer, Norbert Hort

Modeling of theflow stress behavior and microstructural evolution during hot deformation ofMg–8Al–1.5Ca–0.2Sr magnesium alloy

Xiao Liu, Luoxing Li, Biwu Zhu

Establishingempirical relationships to predict porosity level and corrosion rate ofatmospheric plasma-sprayed alumina coatings on AZ31B magnesium alloy

D. Thirumalaikumarasamy, K. Shanmugam,V. Balasubramanian

Effect of driverroll rotational speed on hot ring rolling of AZ31 magnesium alloy

Xiaodong Luo, Lianjie Li, Wenlin Xu,Yongxiang Zhu

Influence ofRoute-R on wrought magnesium AZ61 alloy mechanical properties through equalchannel angular pressing

Muralidhar Avvari, S. Narendranath

First-principlesstudy of structural stability and elastic properties of MgPd3 and itshydride

Dong-Hai Wu, Hai-Chen Wang, Liu-TingWei, Rong-Kai Pan, Bi-Yu Tang

Investigation ofthe passive behaviour of AZ31B alloy in alkaline solutions

A. Fattah-alhosseini, M. Sabaghi Joni

Microstructure,mechanical property and in vitro biocorrosion behavior of single-phasebiodegradable Mg–1.5Zn–0.6Zr alloy

Tao Li, Yong He, Hailong Zhang, XitaoWang

Corrosionbehavior of Mg–5Al based magnesium alloy with 1 wt.% Sn, Mn and Znadditions in 3.5 wt.% NaCl solution

Nguyen Dang Nam

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