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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 2, Issue 4, 2014

Available online 28 March 2014

Full Length Article

On numericalmodeling of low-head direct chill ingot caster for magnesium alloy AZ31

Mainul Hasan,Latifa Begum

Effect ofpre-induced twinning on microstructure and tensile ductility in GW92K magnesiumalloy during multi-direction forging at decreasing temperature

S.Q. Li, W.N.Tang, R.S. Chen, W. Ke

Characterizationof Ni–P coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy with surfactants and nano-additives

Mohammed Sahal

Strengtheningmechanisms of indirect-extruded Mg–Sn based alloys at room temperature

Wei Li Cheng,Quan Wei Tian, Hui Yu, Hua Zhang, Bong Sun You

Semiconductingbehavior of the anodically passive films formed on AZ31B alloy

A.Fattah-alhosseini, M. Sabaghi Joni

Preparation andcharacterization of the micro-arc oxidation composite coatings on magnesiumalloys

Yanfeng Ge,Bailing Jiang, Ming Liu, Congjie Wang, Wenning Shen

Ductilityenhancement of EW75 alloy by multi-directional forging

M. Hong, D. Wu,R.S. Chen, X.H. Du

Influence ofchloride ion concentration on immersion corrosion behaviour of plasma sprayedalumina coatings on AZ31B magnesium alloy

D.Thirumalaikumarasamy, K. Shanmugam, V. Balasubramanian

Stress corrosioncracking susceptibility of a high strength Mg-7%Gd-5%Y-1%Nd-0.5%Zr alloy

S.D. Wang, D.K.Xu, E.H. Han, C. Dong

Effects ofcasting process on microstructures and flow stress behavior ofMg–9Gd–3Y–1.5Zn–0.8Zr semi-continuous casting billets

Xuan liu, QichiLe, Zhiqiang Zhang, Lei Bao, Zhengxing Fan, Jianzhong Cui

First principlestudy of structural, electronic and thermodynamic behavior of ternaryintermetallic compound: CeMgTl

R.P. Singh

High cyclefatigue behavior of the forged Mg–7Gd–5Y–1Nd–0.5Zr alloy

D. Wu, S.Q. Li,M. Hong, R.S. Chen, E.H. Han, W. Ke

Macroscopic,thermodynamic, kinetic and microscopic study of nitric acid pickling ofElektron 21 (EV31A) magnesium alloy

D. Wu, S.Q. Li,M. Hong, R.S. Chen, E.H. Han, W. Ke

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