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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 3, Issue 4, 2015

Available online 12 August 2015

Full Length Article

Stress corrosion cracking of high-strength AZ31 processed by high-ratio differential speed rolling

Zhiming Shi, W.J. Kim, Fuyong Cao, Matthew S. Dargusch, Andrej Atrens

Semi-continuous casting of magnesium alloy AZ91 using a filtered melt delivery system

Mainul Hasan, Latifa Begum

Reducing the tension–compression yield asymmetry of extruded Mg–Zn–Ca alloy via equal channel angular pressing

L.B. Tong, M.Y. Zheng, S. Kamado, D.P. Zhang, J. Meng, L.R. Cheng, H.J. Zhang

Anisotropy of the crystallographic orientation and corrosion performance of high-strength AZ80 Mg alloy

Quantong Jiang, Xiumin Ma, Kui Zhang, Yantao Li, Xinggang Li, Yongjun Li, Minglong Ma, Baorong Hou

Characteristics of friction welded AZ31B magnesium–commercial pure titanium dissimilar joints

A.K. Lakshminarayanan, R. Saranarayanan, V. Karthik Srinivas, B. Venkatraman

Grain growth in calibre rolled Mg–3Al–1Zn alloy and its effect on hardness

R.L. Doiphode, S.V.S. Narayana Murty, N. Prabhu, B.P. Kashyap

Joining of AZ31 and AZ91 Mg alloys by friction stir welding

B. Ratna Sunil, G. Pradeep Kumar Reddy, A.S.N. Mounika, P. Navya Sree, P. Rama Pinneswari, I. Ambica, R. Ajay Babu, P. Amarnadh

Influence of tool material and rotational speed on mechanical properties of friction stir welded AZ31B magnesium alloy

Ugender Singarapu, Kumar Adepu, Somi Reddy Arumalle

Influence of rolling directions on microstructure, mechanical properties and anisotropy of Mg-5Li-1Al-0.5Y alloy

Tianzi Wang, Tianlong Zhu, Jianfeng Sun, Ruizhi Wu, Milin Zhang

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