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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 10, Issue 5, 2022

Available online 20 April 2022

Full Length Article

Critical reviewof superplastic magnesium alloys with emphasis on tensile elongation behaviorand deformation mechanisms

H.T. Jeong, W.J. Kim

Advances in hydroxyapatitecoatings on biodegradable magnesium and its alloys

Ai-Meng Zhang, Praneesh Lenin, Rong-Chang Zeng, M.Bobby Kannan

Impressive strides in amelioration of corrosion and wear behaviors of Mg alloys usingapplied polymer coatings on PEO porous coatings: A review

Arash Fattah-alhosseini, Razieh Chaharmahali, KazemBabaei

Alloying designand microstructural control strategies towards developing Mg alloys withenhanced ductility

Zhong-Zheng Jin, Min Zha, Si-Qing Wang, Shi-Chao Wang,Cheng Wang, Hai-Long Jia, Hui-Yuan Wang

Frictionself-piercing riveting (F-SPR) of aluminum alloy to magnesium alloy using aflat die

Bingxin Yang, Yunwu Ma, He Shan, Sizhe Niu, YongbingLi

Microstructures and mechanical properties of as-cast Mg-Sm-Zn-Zr alloys with varying Gdcontents

Kai Guan, Daisuke Egusa, Eiji Abe, Jinghuai Zhang, XinQiu, Qiang Yang, Jian Meng

The evolution ofcoarse grains and its effects on weakened basal texture during annealing of acold-rolled magnesium AZ31B alloy

Xin Wang, Dikai Guan

Atomistic simulations of the surface severe plastic deformation-induced grain refinementin polycrystalline magnesium: The effect of processing parameters

Xiaoye Zhou, Hui Fu, Ji-Hua Zhu, Xu-Sheng Yang

Improved mechanical properties and strengthening mechanism with the altered precipitateorientation in magnesium alloys

Y.J. Wan, Y. Zeng, Y.C. Dou, D.C. Hu, X.Y. Qian, Q.Zeng, K.X. Sun, G.F. Quan

In situformation of LDH-based nanocontainers on the surface of AZ91 magnesium alloyand detailed investigation of their crystal structure

Tatsiana Shulha, M. Serdechnova, M.H. Iuzviuk, I.A. Zobkalo,P. Karlova, N. Scharnagl, D.C.F. Wieland, S.V. Lamaka, A.A. Yaremchenko, C.Blawert, M.L. Zheludkevich

In vitrocorrosion properties of HTHEed Mg-Zn-Y-Nd alloy microtubes for stentapplications: Influence of second phase particles and crystal orientation

Peihua Du, Di Mei, Tsuyoshi Furushima, Shijie Zhu,Liguo Wang, Yifan Zhou, Shaokang Guan

Analysis of thecorrosion performance of binder jet additive manufactured magnesium alloys forbiomedical applications

Kai Xiang Kuah, Daniel J. Blackwood, Wee Kit Ong,Mojtaba Salehi, Hang Li Seet, Mui Ling Sharon Nai, Sudesh Wijesinghe

Improving theelectrochemical stability of AZ31 Mg alloy in a 3.5wt.% NaCl solution via thesurface functionalization of plasma electrolytic oxidation coating

Mosab Kaseem, Tehseen Zehra, Burak Dikici, Ali Dafali,Hae Woong Yang, Young Gun Ko

The detailedcorrosion performance of bioresorbable Mg-0.8Ca alloy in physiologicalsolutions

A.S. Gnedenkov, S.L. Sinebryukhov, V.S. Filonina, V.S.Egorkin, A.Yu. Ustinov, V.I. Sergienko, S.V. Gnedenkov

Active corrosionprotection of phosphate loaded PEO/LDHs composite coatings: SIET study

Gen Zhang, E Jiang, Liang Wu, Aitao Tang, AndrejAtrens, Fusheng Pan

Corrosion protection investigations of carbon dots and polydopamine composite coating onmagnesium alloy

H.D. Zhang, A.Y. Chen, B. Gan, H. Jiang, L.J. Gu

Understanding pitting corrosion behavior of AZ91 alloy and its MAO coating in 3.5% NaClsolution by cyclic potentiodynamic polarization

Yuxiang Liu, Zhu Liu, Anyang Xu, Xiaoting Liu

Effect of B4C onstrength coefficient, cold deformation and work hardening exponent characteristicsof Mg composites

S. Suresh, M. Navaneetha Krishnan, S.C. Vettivel

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