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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 10, Issue 6, 2022

Available online 07 July 2022

Full Length Article

Towards highstrength cast Mg-RE based alloys: Phase diagrams and strengthening mechanisms

Janet M. Meier, Josh Caris, Alan A. Luo

Recent progressin Mg-based alloys as a novel bioabsorbable biomaterials for orthopedicapplications

Fei Xing, Shang Li, Dongdi Yin, Jichang Xie, Pol MariaRommens, Zhou Xiang, Ming Liu, Ulrike Ritz

A review of novelternary nano-layered MAX phases reinforced AZ91D magnesium composite

Wantong Chen, Wenbo Yu, Chaosheng Ma, Guozheng Ma,Laiqi Zhang, Haidou Wang

Anisotropy ofwrought magnesium alloys: A focused overview

Baodong Shi, Chong Yang, Yan Peng, Fucheng Zhang,Fusheng Pan

Recent progressand perspectives in additive manufacturing of magnesium alloys

Zhuoran Zeng, Mojtaba Salehi, Alexander Kopp, ShiweiXu, Marco Esmaily, Nick Birbilis

Corrosion behavior of Mg-Zn-Zr-RE alloys under physiological environment – Impact onmechanical integrity and biocompatibility

Marwa AbdelGawad, Chaudhry A. Usman, Vasanth C.Shunmugasamy, Ibrahim Karaman, Bilal Mansoor

Dilute longperiod stacking/order (LPSO)-variant phases along the composition gradient in aMg-Ho-Cu alloy

Kai Guan, Daisuke Egusa, Eiji Abe

Anisotropic cyclic deformation behavior of an extruded Mg-3Y alloy sheet with rare earthtexture

Tianjiao Li, Jinsong Rao, Jiang Zheng, Dongdi Yin,Haoge Shou, Yongfa Zhang, Rong Shi, Weichao Jing, Lihong Xia

Different roleof second phase in the micro-galvanic corrosion of WE43 Mg alloy in NaCl and Na2SO4solution

Baojing Feng, Guonan Liu, Peixu Yang, Sensen Huang,Dongqing Qi, Peng Chen, Chengduo Wang, Jiang Du, Shaojun Zhang, Jinhui Liu

Mechanisms ofelectrochemical magnesium (de)alloying of Mg-Sn and Mg-Pb polymorphs

Clément Pechberty, Antoine Klein, Bernard Fraisse,Lorenzo Stievano, Romain Berthelot

Location-dependenteffect of nickel on hydrogen dissociation and diffusion on Mg (0001) surface:Insights into hydrogen storage material design

Zongying Han, Yayun Wu, Hao Yu, Shixue Zhou

In vivo degradabilityand biocompatibility of a rheo-formed Mg–Zn–Sr alloy for ureteral implantation

Di Tie, Renguo Guan, Huinan Liu, Minfang Chen,Sviatlana A. Ulasevich, Ekaterina V. Skorb, Patricia Holt-Torres, Xiaopeng Lu,Norbert Hort

Microstructure refinement, mechanical and biocorrosion properties of Mg–Zn–Ca–Mn alloyimproved by a new severe plastic deformation process

M. Kavyani, G.R. Ebrahimi, H.R. Ezatpour, M. Jahazi

Promoting wetting of Mg on the SiC surfaces by addition of Al, Zn and Zr elements: Astudy via first-principle calculations

Weibing Guo, Wenshan Bian, Haitao Xue, Xiaoming Zhang

Microstructure analyses and phase-field simulation of partially divorced eutecticsolidification in hypoeutectic Mg-Al Alloys

Joo-Hee Kang, Jiwon Park, Kyung Song, Chang-Seok Oh,Oleg Shchyglo, Ingo Steinbach

Quantitative study on the tension-compression yield asymmetry of a Mg-3Al-1Zn alloy withbimodal texture components

Lingyu Zhao, Wenhao Chen, Beian Zhou, Cong He,Changjian Yan, Zhaoyang Jin, Huihui Yu, Yunchang Xin

Production andcharacterisation of new bioresorbable radiopaque Mg–Zn–Y alloy to improve X-rayvisibility of polymeric scaffolds

Alok Srivastava, Naresh Bhatnagar

Surfaceoxidation study of molten Mg–Al alloys by oxide/metal/oxide sandwich method

Mohammad Mahdi Jalilvand, Hassan Saghafian, MehdiDivandari, Mehdi Akbarifar

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