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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 11, Issue 2, 2023

Available online 30 March 2023

Full Length Article

Recent advancesin the in-plane shear testing of Mg alloy sheets

Mahesh Panchal, Lalit Kaushik, Ravi KR, Rajesh Khatirkar, Shi-Hoon Choi, Jaiveer Singh

Additivemanufacturing of magnesium matrix composites: Comprehensive review of recentprogress and research perspectives

Chenghang Zhang, Zhuo Li, Jikui Zhang, Haibo Tang,Huaming Wang

Galvaniccorrosion of AZ31B joined to dual-phase steel with and without Zn layer byultrasonic and friction stir welding

Jiheon Jun, Vineet V. Joshi, Alasdair Crawford, VilayanurViswanathan, Donovan N. Leonard, Jian Chen, Piyush Updadhyay, Yong Chae Lim,Zhili Feng

A novel MgF2/PDA/S-HAcoating on the bio-degradable ZE21B alloy for better multi-functions oncardiovascular application

Yang Yu, Shi-Jie Zhu, Hao-TianDong, Xue-Qi Zhang, Jing-An Li, Shao-Kang Guan

Microstructureand mechanical properties of curved AZ31 magnesium alloy profiles produced bydifferential velocity sideways extrusion

Wenbin Zhou, Jianguo Lin,Trevor A. Dean

Individualeffect of Y and Nd on the microstructure formation of Mg-Y-Nd alloys processedby severe plastic deformation and their effect on the subsequent mechanical andcorrosion properties

Mária Zemková, Peter Minárik,Jan Dittrich, Jan Bohlen, Robert Král

Mg-3Al-1Zn alloydeformed along different strain paths: Role of latent hardening

Yao Cheng, Adrien Chapuis,Yunchang Xin, Qing Liu, Peidong Wu

High-ductilityfine-grained Mg-1.92Zn-0.34Y alloy fabricated by semisolid and then hotextrusion

Qi Zeng, Yingbo Zhang,Kangning Li, Ye Zhuang, Jiaheng Li, Yong J. Yuan, Dongdi Yin

Effects of Caand Nd addition on plastic instability in extruded Mg-Mn alloy deformed undervarious conditions

Sang Kyu Woo, Risheng Pei,Talal Al-Samman, Dietmar Letzig, Sangbong Yi

Role ofextrusion rate on the microstructure and tensile properties evolution ofultrahigh-strength low-alloy Mg-1.0Al-1.0Ca-0.4Mn (wt.%) alloy

X.Q. Liu, X.G. Qiao, R.S. Pei,Y.Q. Chi, L. Yuan, M.Y. Zheng

Use of variousMgO resources for high-purity Mg metal production through molten saltelectrolysis and vacuum distillation

Hyeong-Jun Jeoung, Tae-HyukLee, Youngjae Kim, Jin-Young Lee, Young Min Kim, Toru H. Okabe, Kyung-Woo Yi,Jungshin Kang

Hardeningeffects of sheared precipitates on {112¯1} twinning in magnesium alloys

Jing Tang, Wentao Jiang,Qingyuan Wang, Xiaobao Tian, Dean Wei, Haidong Fan

A self-healingand bioactive coating based on duplex plasma electrolyticoxidation/polydopamine on AZ91 alloy for bone implants

Safoora Farshid, MahshidKharaziha, Masoud Atapour

Investigationson the tensile deformation of pure Mg and Mg–15Gd alloy by in-situ X-raysynchrotron radiation and visco-plastic self-consistent modeling

Yuling Xu, Yuanding Huang,Yuye Wang, Weiming Gan, Shiwei Wang, Emad Maawad, Norbert Schell, Norbert Hort

Fabrication ofchitosan/silica hybrid coating on AZ31 Mg alloy for orthopaedic applications

M. Kalaiyarasan, S. Pugalmani,N. Rajendran

In-situdeposition of apatite layer to protect Mg-based composite fabricated via laseradditive manufacturing

Youwen Yang, Changfu Lu, LidaShen, Zhenyu Zhao, Shuping Peng, Cijun Shuai

Reducing damageextent of epoxy coating on magnesium substrate by Zr-enhanced PEO coating as aneffective pretreatment

Z. Jamshidipour, M. Toorani,M. Aliofkhazraei, M. Mahdavian

Three-dimensionalcrystal plasticity and HR-EBSD analysis of the local stress-strain fieldsinduced during twin propagation and thickening in magnesium alloys

Filip Siska, Daria Drozdenko,Kristian Mathis, Jan Cizek, Tingting Guo, Matthew Barnett

Acceleration ofaging behavior and improvement of mechanical properties of extruded AZ80 alloythrough (10–12) twinning

Hyun Ji Kim, Ye Jin Kim, SungHyuk Park

Texture propertyand weakening mechanism of Mg-3Al-1Zn alloy by interactive alternating forwardextrusion

Ye Wang, Feng Li, Yu Wang,Xing Mao Xiao

Effect ofaddition of minor amounts of Sb and Gd on hot tearing susceptibility ofMg-5Al-3Ca alloy

Xudong Du, Feng Wang, ZhiWang, Le Zhou, Zheng Liu, Pingli Mao

The effect oftemperature on load partitioning evolution in magnesium metal matrix compositereinforced with Ti particles using in-situ synchrotron radiationdiffraction experiments

G. Garces, J. Medina, P.Perez, A. Stark, N. Schell, P. Adeva

A novelMg-Gd-Y-Zn-Cu-Ni alloy with excellent combination of strength and dissolutionvia peak-aging treatment

Y.H. Liu, Z.R. Zhang, J. Wang,Y. Li, H.X. Li, L.Y. Jia, J.H. Wang, J.S. Zhang

Effect of TiO2nanoparticles on the photocatalytic properties of PEO coatings on Mg alloy

D.V. Mashtalyar, I.M.Imshinetskiy, K.V. Nadaraia, A.S. Gnedenkov, S.N. Suchkov, D.P. Opra, E.V.Pustovalov, A. Yu Ustinov, S.L. Sinebryukhov, S.V. Gnedenkov

The effect ofslow shot speed and casting pressure on the 3D microstructure of high pressuredie casting AE44 magnesium alloy

Chaosheng Ma, Wenbo YU,Tongtong Zhang, Zihua Zhang, Yihu Ma, Shoumei Xiong

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