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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 7, Issue 2, 2019

Available online 07 March 2019

Full Length Article

Fabrication ofcorrosion-resistant superhydrophobic coating on magnesium alloy by one-stepelectrodeposition method

Tianxu Zheng,Yaobo Hu, Fusheng Pan, Yuxin Zhang, Aitao Tang

Statisticaloptimization of stress level in Mg-Li-Al alloys upon hot compression testing

RezawanaIslam, Meysam Haghshenas

Durability ofAZ31 magnesium biodegradable alloys polydopamine aided. Part 2: Ageing inHank's solution

AnnaCarangelo, Annalisa Acquesta, Tullio Monetta

Enhancement ofmagnesium-composite bond-interface by a simple combined abrasion and coatingmethod

Davide DeCicco, Farid Taheri

Corrosion behaviorof Mg–3Gd–1Zn–0.4Zr alloy with and without stacking faults

Xiaobo Zhang,Jianwei Dai, Ruifeng Zhang, Zhixin Ba, Nick Birbilis

Study of thedegradation behavior and the biocompatibility of Mg–0.8Ca alloy for orthopedicimplant applications

Aya Mohamed,Ahmed M. El-Aziz, Hans-Georg Breitinger

Evaluation ofthe reliability of twin variant analysis in Mg alloys by in situ EBSD technique

Feiya Liu,Changfa Guo, Renlong Xin, Guilin Wu, Qing Liu

Mechanical andmetallurgical properties of friction stir welded dissimilar joints of AZ91magnesium alloy and AA 6082-T6 aluminium alloy

Sameer MD,Anil Kumar Birru

Influence of Aladdition on solidification path and hot tearing susceptibility ofMg–2Zn–(3 + 0.5x)Y–xAl alloys

Guojia Zhang,Yue Wang, Zheng Liu, Shimeng Liu

Wear andmechanical characterization of Mg–Gr self-lubricating composite fabricated bymechanical alloying

Azzat EsamAbdulqader Al-maamari, AKM Asif Iqbal, Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman

Heat transferanalysis of magnesium alloy plate during transport process

Qichi Le,Weitao Jia, Fangkun Ning

A review ofmagnesium die-castings for closure applications

J.P. Weiler

Preparation of asingle-phase Mg–6Zn alloy via ECAP-stimulated solution treatment

Kai Yan, Huan Liu, Na Feng, JingBai, Honghui Cheng, Jingjing Liu, Fuyu Huang

Dry slidingtribological behavior of AZ31-WC nano-composites

SudipBanerjee, Suswagata Poria, Goutam Sutradhar, Prasanta Sahoo

Investigation onthe reaction between MgO–CaO–CaF2 and Al–C powders to extractmagnesium under atmospheric pressure

Teng Zhang

Finitetemperature thermophysical properties of MgCu intermetallic compound fromquasi-harmonic Debye model

Salah Daoud,Nadhira Bioud, P.K. Saini

Effect of Y andGd content on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg–Y–RE alloys

Kang Luo,Liang Zhang, Guohua Wu, Wencai Liu, Wenjiang Ding

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