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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 7, Issue 3, 2019

Available online 09 October 2019

Full Length Article

A review: Past,present and future of grain refining of magnesium castings

Erdem Karakulak

Research statusand prospects of melt refining and purification technology of magnesium alloys

Hanxue Cao, Mengtao Huang, Chengcheng Wang, Siyuan Long,Jili Zha, Guoqiang You

Improved tensileproperties of AZ31 Mg alloy subjected to various caliber-rolling strains

Jeong Hun Lee, Byung Je Kwak, Taein Kong, Sung Hyuk Park,Taekyung Lee

Enhancingstrength and creep resistance of Mg–Gd–Y–Zn–Zr alloy by substituting Mn for Zr

C. Xu, T. Nakata, G.H. Fan, X.W. Li, G.Z. Tang, S. Kamado

Investigation ofthe compressibility and sinterabilty of AZ91 powder production and particleproduction by gas atomisation method

Mehmet Akkaş, Mustafa Boz

Dislocations-inducedprecipitates and their effect on mechanical properties of Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloy

Chao You, Chuming Liu, Yingchun Wan, Bei Tang, BizhengWang, Yonghao Gao, Xiuzhu Han

Application ofnovel sol–gel composites on magnesium alloy

S. Nezamdoust, D. Seifzadeh, Z. Rajabalizadeh

Modeling strain ratesensitivity and high temperature deformation of Mg-3Al-1Zn alloy

Adrien Chapuis, Qing Liu

Investigation ofdry sliding wear properties of multi-directional forged Mg–Zn alloys

S. Ramesh, Gajanan Anne, H. Shivananda Nayaka, SandeepSahu, M.R. Ramesh

The influence ofSc addition on microstructure and tensile mechanical properties of Mg–4.5Sn–5Znalloys

Pengqi Wang, Enyu Guo, Xuejian Wang, Huijun Kang,Zongning Chen, Zhiqiang Cao, Tongmin Wang

Anisotropy ofmechanical properties and crystallographic texture in hot rolled AZ31+XSrsheets

Alireza Sadeghi, Hossein Mortezapour, Javad Samei,Mihriban Pekguleryuz, David Wilkinson

3D atomic-scalegrowth characteristics of {10–12} twin in magnesium

Xin Wan, Jing Zhang, Xueyan Mo, Fusheng Pan

Influence oftool rotation speeds on mechanical and morphological properties of frictionstir processed nano hybrid composite of MWCNT-Graphene-AZ31 magnesium

Sanjay Sharma, Amit Handa, Sahib Sartaj Singh, DeepakVerma

Stable andmetastable phase equilibria in binary Mg-Gd system: A comprehensiveunderstanding aided by CALPHAD modeling

Huaijia Si, Yuxun Jiang, Ying Tang, Lijun Zhang

Thermoelectrictransport behaviours of n-type Mg2 (Si,Sn,Ge) quaternary solidsolutions

Övgü Ceyda Yelgel, Celal Yelgel

Effects of Ycontent and temperature on the damping capacity of extruded Mg-Y sheets

Y.T. Tang, C. Zhang, L.B. Ren, W. Yang, D.D. Yin, G.H.Huang, H. Zhou, Y.B. Zhang

Effectivefemtosecond laser shock peening on a Mg–3Gd alloy at low pulse energy430 µJ of 1 kHz

Chenghao Lu, Licheng Ge, Bing Zhu, Yangxin Li, XianfengChen, Xiaoqin Zeng, Yuping Chen

Overview ofadvancement and development trend on magnesium alloy

Tiancai Xu, Yan Yang, Xiaodong Peng, Jiangfeng Song,Fusheng Pan

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