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Journal of magnesium
and alloys


The selection of International Magnesium Science and Technology Award-2022 Annual Award is launched

7 October 2022
International Magnesium Science & Technology Award is founded by International Mg Society (IMS), Journal of Magnesium and Alloys (JMA), Caixing foundation, and other organizations with great importance, with the aim to promote the development of magnesium science and technology. The International Magnesium Science & Technology Award is categorized as the Grand Award and the Annual Award. The 2022 Annual Award is officially launched, and the relevant matters and requirements are notified as follows:
1. Brief introduction of Annual Award
(1)The 2022 Annual Award evaluates the achievement in the period of 2021.6.1 — 2022.6.1.
(2)The Annual Award includes:
I  International Magnesium Award for Person of the Year,
II  International Magnesium Award for Youth of the Year,
III  International Magnesium Award for Excellent Paper of the Year,
IV  International Magnesium Award for Excellent Thesis of the Year,
V  International Magnesium Award for Innovative Process of the Year,
VI  International Magnesium Award for Innovative Product of the Year,
VII  International Magnesium Award for Standard of the year,
VIII  International Magnesium Award for Special Contribution on Innovation of the Year.
(3) The preliminary candidates for Awards I to VI are generated by recommendation.
(4) Detailed conditions of each Award can be found in the statutes.
2. Recommended methods and requirements
(1) Candidate recommendation consists of recommendation by the recommendation committee and invited application. When the committee recommendation and invited application are repeated, candidates will not be generated repeatedly.
(2) When recommended by the recommendation committee, the committee member shall fill in the recommendation form.
(3) For invited application, the individual shall fill in the Recommendation form, along with two signed Recommendation letters from professors or the equivalent (less than 100 words), and return it to. Each individual is limited to recommend for one Award.
(4) The recommendation form and recommendation letter shall be written in English.
(5) The deadline for the recommendation material is 22:00 on Oct. 12, 2022.
(6) Please return the recommendation materials to imsmg@cqu.edu.cn

(7) Please find the statute of Annual Award, Recommendation form and Recommendation Letter as attached.

Attachment download.zip
3. Contact
Contact person: Dr. Jiangfeng Song
E-mail: imsmg@cqu.edu.cn
Tel.: 008618223616225