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Journal of magnesium
and alloys


The selection of JMA Most Valuable Paper Award is launch

28 September 2023

To celebrate 10th anniversary of Journal of Magnesium andAlloys (JMA), JMA Most ValuablePaper Award is established to reward authors who have published outstandingwork on JMA, with the aim to attract and encourage outstanding authors, expandthe dissemination of excellent scientific research achievements, and promotethe development of magnesium science and technology. The Award is officially launched, and the relevant matters and requirementsare notified as follows:

1. Scope

Papers publishedin JMA from 2013 to 2023.

2. Recommended methods andrequirements

(1) Candidate papers are recommended by researchers. Please be aware, you can also recommend your own papers. The recommender should fill the recommendation form.

(2) The recommendation form should be written in English.

(3) The deadline for the recommendation material is October 31,2023.

(4) Please return the recommendation materials to jmaeditor@cqu.edu.cn.

(5) Please find the Recommendation form as attached.

3. Review method

The candidatepapers are reviewed by the award committee, and in final 20 papers will beawarded. The award committee is composed of renowned experts in the magnesiumand magnesium alloys field.

4. Rewards

The winners will be awarded a $ 500 prize and a certificate

5. Contact

Contact person: Prof. Yan Yang

E-mail: yanyang@cqu.edu.cn

Tel.: 008613657652030