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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Anisotropy of wrought magnesium alloys: A focused overview

Available online 10 July 2022

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Baodong Shi, Chong Yang, Yan Peng, Fucheng Zhang, Fusheng Pan


In this paper, the relationship between anisotropic mechanical properties and the corresponding microstructure evolution of wrought magnesium alloys is critically reviewed. Experimental observations of the strong anisotropy (including the strength differential effect) induced by texture and twinning are discussed under different loading conditions (i.e., monotonic, cyclic and multiaxial loading). An accurate constitutive model is essential to describe the mechanical responses and to predict the forming performance considering engineering applications. Therefore, macroscale constitutive modeling of the anisotropy of magnesium alloys with directional distortional hardening are comprehensively reviewed with different approaches. To clarify the origin of the anisotropic behavior, physics-based mesoscale modeling of the anisotropy is also compared in detail.


Wrought Mg alloys; Mechanical anisotropy; Deformation mechanism; Constitutive modeling

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