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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Volume 1, Issue 4, 2013

Available online 14 August 2013

Full Length Article

Influence ofincorporating Si3N4 particles into the oxide layer produced by plasmaelectrolytic oxidation on AM50 Mg alloy on coating morphology and corrosionproperties

Xiaopeng Lu, Carsten Blawert, NicoScharnagl, Karl Ulrich Kainer

Dependence offlow strength and deformation mechanisms in common wrought and die castmagnesium alloys on orientation, strain rate and temperature

S. Xu, W.R. Tyson, R. Eagleson, R.Zavadil, Z. Liu, P.-L. Mao, C.-Y. Wang, S.I. Hill, A.A. Luo

Microstructureand mechanical properties of a high ductility Mg–Zn–Mn–Ce magnesium alloy

Lei Gao, Hong Yan, Jun Luo, Alan A. Luo,Rongshi Chen

Dispersion ofniquel on the microstructure in magnesium based alloys for hydrogen storage

A.A. Zaldívar-Cadena, I. Díaz-Peña, J.G.Cabañas-Moreno

Effect of Caaddition on grain refinement of Mg–9Li–1Al alloy

Ying Zeng, Bin Jiang, Dehui Huang,Jiahong Dai, Fusheng Pan

Open cellularmagnesium alloys for biodegradable orthopaedic implants

Karel Lietaert, Ludger Weber, Jan VanHumbeeck, Andreas Mortensen, Jan Luyten, Jan Schrooten

Formability ofAZ31 Mg alloy sheets within medium temperatures

Lei Wang, Qi Qiao, Yang Liu, Xiu Song

The effect ofpulse frequency on the electrochemical properties of micro arc oxidationcoatings formed on magnesium alloy

Xianghua Song, Jianhong Lu, Xijiang Yin,Jianping Jiang, Jing Wang

Production ofmagnesium during carbothermal reduction of magnesium oxide by differentialcondensation of magnesium and alkali vapours

Cheng-bo Yang, Yang Tian, Tao Qu, BinYang, Bao-qiang Xu, Yong-nian Dai

Effects ofporosity and pore size on the compressive properties of closed-cell Mg alloyfoam

X.C. Xia, X.W. Chen, Z. Zhang, X. Chen,W.M. Zhao, B. Liao, B. Hur

Effect of equalchannel angular pressing on AZ31 wrought magnesium alloys

Avvari Muralidhar, S. Narendranath, H.Shivananda Nayaka

Bulk and localtextures of pure magnesium processed by rotary swaging

W.M. Gan, Y.D. Huang, R. Wang, Z.Y.Zhong, N. Hort, K.U. Kainer, N. Schell, H.-G. Brokmeier, A. Schreyer

Effect of Zrmodification on solidification behavior and mechanical properties of Mg–Y–RE(WE54) alloy

Jilin Li, Rongshi Chen, Yuequn Ma, WeiKe

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