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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Magnesium alloys as extremely promising alternatives for temporary orthopedic implants – A review

Available online 12 October 2023

Full Length Article

C.A. Niranjan, T. Raghavendra, Madhuri P. Rao, C. Siddaraju, M. Gupta, Vikram Kumar S. Jain, R. Aishwarya


Mg alloys are emerging as potential and very promising alternatives for replacing permanent metallic implant materials such as steels and titanium in applications where the implants need to be removed following healing through revision surgery. Use of Mg alloys for implant application is seen as a game changer and Mg alloys are almost perfect materials for the future in both engineering and biomedical applications. Present review therefore focuses on highlighting significance of Mg alloys in biomedical field and risks of using permanent metallic implants particularly when the implants are no longer required after the injury is healed. In this review, importance of orthopedic implants in present scenario, serious concern related to accidents that are causing permanent disabilities, demand in orthopedic implant market worldwide, potential applications of Mg based materials and their compatibility in biological environment is presented and discussed. In addition, degradation rate, major reactions associated with Mg based materials and effect of alloying elements on implant performance are also discussed based on in-vivo results. Recent advances in development of Mg alloys through various techniques and their performance in in-vitro conditions are also outlined. Possible ways to eliminate the limitations of Mg alloys include alloying, melt purification, surface alterations, surface modifications, chemical treatment, secondary processing etc. are discussed. Challenges and opportunities for Mg alloys to become ideal implant material is also addressed.


Accidents; Fractures; Burden of fracture; Magnesium; Ultimate alternative; Degradation rate; Alloying; Melt purification; Coating

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