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Journal of magnesium
and alloys

Current Issue

Microstructure, mechanical properties and fracture behaviors of large-scale sand-cast Mg-3Y-2Gd-1Nd-0.4Zr alloy

Available online 12 October 2023

Full Length Article

Lixiang Yang, Yuanding Huang, Zhengquan Hou, Lv Xiao, Yuling Xu, Xiwang Dong, Fei Li, Gerrit Kurz, Baode Sun, Zhongquan Li, Norbert Hort


In order to improve the ductility of commercial WE43 alloy and reduce its cost, a Mg-3Y-2Gd-1Nd-0.4Zr alloy with a low amount of rare earths was developed and prepared by sand casting with a differential pressure casting system. Its microstructure, mechanical properties and fracture behaviors in the as-cast, solution-treated and as-aged states were evaluated. It is found that the aged alloy exhibited excellent comprehensive mechanical properties owing to the fine dense plate-shaped β' precipitates formed on prismatic habits during aging at 200 °C for 192 hrs after solution-treated at 500 °C for 24 hrs. Its ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation at ambient temperature reach to 319 ± 10 MPa, 202 ± 2 MPa and 8.7 ± 0.3% as well as 230 ± 4 MPa, 155 ± 1 MPa and 16.0 ± 0.5% at 250 °C. The fracture mode of as-aged alloy was transferred from cleavage at room temperature to quasi-cleavage and ductile fracture at the test temperature 300 °C. The properties of large-scale components fabricated using the developed Mg-3Y-2Gd-1Nd-0.4Zr alloy are better than those of commercial WE43 alloy, suggesting that the new developed alloy is a good candidate to fabricate the large complex thin-walled components.


Magnesium alloy; WE43; Large-scale sand-cast; Ductility

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